The Idea

To create typical Wachau-style wines, without use of excessive modern techniques. Wines focused around craftsmanship, soil, climate and vintage.

The vines we use

Old plantings, solely from the south bank of the Wachau valley, alongside the Danube river.

The Wachau

Unparalleled UNESCO world heritage site. Danube and time carved this river valley into the rock of the Waldviertel. Since centuries monasteries and their monks prepared the terraces and the soil of the Wachau vineyards.

Golden grapes give golden wine

Wachauer Steinfeder

 Gruner Veltliner. Subtle fruit notes mixed with fragrant aromas of herbs and spices. Grapes selected from our best vineyards are harvested at a low sugar level, but with an optimum of ripeness. After a careful maceration and pressing, the grape juice is fermented by natural yeasts, partly in traditional oak casks and in stainless steel. The subsequent malolactic fermentation harmonizes the wine and adds to the body of the Gruner Veltliner Steinfeder

Arnsdorfer Federspiel

Veltliner and Muskateller. Selected from old vines, from all around the Arnsdorf villages. The Soil is characterized by loess as well as weathered bedrock. These two soil types are responsible for the minerality and the full body of these village wines.

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